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Wow, that's a lot of books
Come one, come all, to The Great Crossert Book and Garb and Stuff Sale!

We're getting down to the wire, and the cull has been even more extensive than I originally planned. I'm still working on it (I just unearthed the music bookcase, and will do that next), but as of this writing there are 2309 books for sale. Over a thousand of those are genre fiction -- science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and mysteries. The rest are all over the map, including books on SCA topics ranging from cooking to clothing to heraldry to Just Plain History. (Including many magazines and pamphlets that never did get catalogued.)

(Not out on the tables, but if anyone is interested, there are also a large number of science fiction fanzines looking for good homes, especially centered on Quantum Leap, Beauty and the Beast and Stargate. If you are interested in looking through these, please talk to me day-of.)

Alongside that, we'll be giving away an enormous amount of garb -- I suspect between 50-100 outfits all told. The garb is specifically looking for good homes, so it is all free -- all I ask is that it fits you well enough, and you promise that you'll use it and care for it.

There is also a considerable amount of jewelry, especially earrings (OMG, a lot of earrings), which will be going very inexpensively.

Plus a modest number of CDs and DVDs for sale -- and if anybody wants VHS tapes, I have a vast number of movies that I am trying to give away lest I have to simply throw them out.

The sale will be running all weekend. Prices on Saturday are aimed at finding good homes for things; on Sunday, they more aimed at getting stuff out of the house. My current plan is:

Saturday 9-3
  • Mass-market paperbacks: $1

  • Trade paperbacks: $3

  • Hardcovers: $5

Sunday 10-1
  • Mass-market paperbacks: $1

  • Trade paperbacks: $2

  • Hardcovers: $3

Sunday 1-4
  • Mass-market paperbacks: $.50

  • Trade paperbacks: $1

  • Hardcovers: $2

  • Or, $10 for a full box of books (boxes will be provided)

Directions to my house can be found here: http://jducoeur.org/household.cgi?Crossert. The sale isn't open to the general public (mostly because I don't want *total* strangers prowling around my house), but please pass the word to anybody interested in the geek community.

Seriously: to sell this many books, I really do need a lot of people to come over. So come play: if you want a fabulous selection, come on Saturday; if you want great prices for what will still probably be a lot of great books, come on Sunday.

Hope to see you then...

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Hmmm, QL Fanzines and magazines....

Might make a nice surprise present for someone I'm close to.

How many of them are there?
How much are you asking for them?

Quite a number, actually -- QL makes up a goodly chunk of the collection. (A naive search turns up 30, all apparently unique in LibraryThing, and there might be more.) Haven't thought about price yet -- truth to tell, the fanzines are an afterthought, in case anyone coming over is into them.

Odds are good that they won't go this weekend, so drop me a note afterwards, and let's talk -- I can do an inventory and figure out an appropriate price. (I'm keeping at least some of the STTOS ones, but most of the rest are looking for good homes...)

So, out of curiosity: how many feet of shelving does it take to hold 2309 books? And how many are you keeping?

And how did you keep count???

So, out of curiosity: how many feet of shelving does it take to hold 2309 books?

Feet, no idea. The full collection filled about 15 bookcases, some of them double-shelved.

And how many are you keeping?

Around 2700. (Frighteningly, most of the bookcases *still* look full.)

And how did you keep count???

a) Being married to a career librarian.
b) LibraryThing. *Everything* went into LibraryThing.

Jane would frown down on me if I got rid of the books in an undisciplined fashion. So as I decide to remove them, I'm moving them to my "deaccessioned" list in LibraryThing, so I have a running tally of them. That's how I know that I'm getting rid of 2309 (plus miscellaneous magazines, journals and such), and keeping 2709 (plus the two bags of books that I've bought in the past two years but haven't yet catalogued, mostly from Mc and Moore's closing sale)...

I'm very impressed. (I wonder if your heat bill will go up without that insulation!)

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