Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Ending Better Than Beginning

So just to remind myself that things don't entirely suck: last night was quite pleasant. msmemory took me out to dinner at McCormick & Schmick's. This is the "new" (past couple of years) seafood restaurant in the Park Plaza hotel -- we originally found this chain down in Philadelphia, and have become quite fond of it now that they have an outpost up here. It's pricier than Legal Seafood (we paid about $100 for a big meal, including apps and dessert) but generally a notch higher in both creativity and quality.

We both started with the seared tuna -- the classic presentation of yellowtail sliced thin, cooked just around the edges, with wasabi, soy and a Japanese salad. She had a scallop casserole with bacon and a preposterous number of artichoke hearts; I had monkfish (a strange, slightly sweet fish with a rather lobster-like texture) with shiitake and cranberries in a port wine reduction. For dessert, she had the flourless chocolate torte and I had the sundae. Quite yummy all around.

We were rather amused that they are clearly having to cater to the tourist crowd heavily, though. When we asked for recommendations, the waitress focused way too much on the "classics" menu (the boring stuff), mostly ignoring the vastly more interesting (not to mention longer) specials. While I'm sure that they make an excellent lobster casserole, I'm not going to spend that kind of money on something quite so ordinary -- the whole point of coming to this restaurant is to try the cool stuff.

Also, the Protonix (the PPI that I've been put on) seems to be helping fairly quickly -- my doctor had said that was possible, since we caught the problem early, but I was being pessimistic. By the end of the evening it had already helped enough that the fish didn't make me *too* queasy; by this morning, I was feeling about 2/3 normal again. (Still a bit of acid pain, but nothing like yesterday.) I dislike being stuck on drugs (I have a fairly deep-seated negative reaction to the concept of chemical dependencies of any sort, due to some past errors), but it's nice when they at least work well.

Finally, I'd just like to note that "Fish and the Protonix" would make a really great name for a new wave rock band...

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