Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Yet More Books Tomorrow

A lot of people came by today, and they bought a lot of books. But I started with a *LOT* of books.

Sooo -- y'all come by tomorrow! There are still over 1500 books left! (Including something like 1000 volumes of science fiction and fantasy. Heck, there are still something like 40 volumes of Anne McCaffrey alone.)

Tomorrow is more or less half-price from 10-1 -- $1 for mass-market paperbacks, $2 for trade paperbacks and $3 for hardcovers. And tomorrow afternoon from 1-4, we go into "everything must go!" mode: the books get even cheaper, with a special "$10 for a full box" sale. (I will provide boxes.)

I will admit that the SCA-crafts books are *mostly* gone by now, as is more or less all of the garb, but there is lots of good stuff left. So take an hour and come on by! Hope to see you then...

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