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The Book Sale is over, but the books aren't
Many thanks to everyone who came by this weekend. I believe I sold about 800-1000 books total; it's great to have good homes for them. Nearly all of the garb got adopted, and a lot of the jewelry.

That said, I started with ~2500 books, so I still have a *huge* number left: something like 800 in science fiction and fantasy alone, plus lots of mysteries, children's books, music, romances, and various non-fiction. A lot of this is high-quality stuff, in all genres -- everything from the Anne of Green Gables series to the International Library of Music to the vast Pern collection to James Herriott's essays to the Joy of Cooking to the History of Italian Renaissance Art to the Brother Cadfael Mysteries. I'm starting to puzzle out where I can send all of those (they are all going to go away -- I *have* to trim the collection down), but in the meantime I'm going to leave them out for at least a few days.

So -- if you're interested in perusing the books and potentially taking a bunch away, please contact me. Today's cheap prices will continue to be in effect (including the $10/box special) -- I really want the books gone. It'll be by appointment, probably for the next week: I can be available much of the time during the day, or potentially on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evenings. Drop me a line...

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Dan would like to make an appointment to look at the SF/F. We could make it up there some evening this week.

When you're done:

I can take any elementary-level books to the book swap at our school - every kid gets a book or two, even if they don't have any to swap.

Our library book sale calls More Than Words bookstore in Waltham to have them pick up the remainders. In addition to selling books in their store, they have an online store as well.
"More Than Words is a nonprofit social enterprise that empowers youth who are in the foster care system, court involved, homeless, or out of school to take charge of their lives by taking charge of a business."
Call 781-788-0035 for a pickup, and they are in your area on Mondays.

And then there's the Used Book Superstore in Burlington (and 3 other locations), not too far from you. Call 978-416-8288 or go to GotBooks.com to schedule a pick-up.

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"Tomorrow" == Monday doesn't work; I've got plans for this evening. Tuesday or Thursday would be possible, though.

Hadn't thought about More Than Words. Is it a proper (eg, deductible) charity? If so, I'll ponder that...

Being not-currently-employed, if I'm going to give them away, I'd prefer that it be to an actual non-profit with tax-deductible status. I'm fairly sure that GotBooks isn't; don't know about More Than Words, though.

Which evenings look good for Dan? I have to schedule this (otherwise I might not be home) -- any of Tuesday, Thursday or Friday are currently plausible, although I'm hoping that I could find one that everyone can come over.

How about Tuesday evening?

Plausible. Earlier evening is much better for me, if that's possible...

Yep -- I'll stick around. See you when you get here...

More than Words sounds like a great option, but if they don't work out and you're looking for a way to donate to a non-profit which will get the books into appreciative hands, I can help facilitate getting the remains to the Five College Book Sale (http://www.five-collegesbooksale.org/index.html). They haven't got the 2013 info up yet, and don't typically take donations until early spring, but boxes can sit in my garage until then. Let me know if you want to talk details.

Intriguing option. Given how many of the books came from similar college book sales in the first place, and the fact that Wellesley is one of the colleges benefiting from it, that's a good candidate. Thanks -- I might take you up on that. (But be warned: it's a fair number of boxes.)

If it weren't for the fact our cataloged library stands at 3000+ and there wasn't already tremendous overlap between what I saw in your LibraryThing offerings and our own, I'd probably have asked if you were willing to ship some. However, we're getting ready to downsize our library, too. We've got more stuff than we have usable living space, and we're kind of tired of feeling like we live in a massive storage unit.

I blame it on growing up with people who lived through the Depression and WWII, and being taught that you don't throw anything away that you can repair or just might be useful--even if it is for parts. I had a great uncle who built a riding mower out of several other mowers that had accumulated in his farm's junk pile. But I digress....

Paperbackbookswap.com is what ealdthryth uses, but that is a painfully slow way to reduce your library. It is like the used book store scheme where you have to give two or three books to get enough credit for you to receive one back.

I am currently not employed, and now that I'm back from The Larpings, I wouldn't mind a chance to peruse some books.

Ah, excellent. I'm here more afternoons than not -- certainly much of today, Tuesday and Wednesday. Want to swing by during the day sometime?

If during the day is a working option as you hinted at, I may come by Wednesday or Thursday.

Thursday isn't good -- I have business in town in the morning, and not sure when I'm going to be here. But Wednesday either 10-12 or 2-5 are likely to work. (I'm having lunch with my mother from 12-2.) Let's coordinate via email...

Sorry I couldn't make it; was home sick all weekend. If someone from my house ends up going over this week, perhaps I can tag along.

Hope you're feeling better, and that you get the opportunity to come over and look...

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