Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The Book Sale is over, but the books aren't

Many thanks to everyone who came by this weekend. I believe I sold about 800-1000 books total; it's great to have good homes for them. Nearly all of the garb got adopted, and a lot of the jewelry.

That said, I started with ~2500 books, so I still have a *huge* number left: something like 800 in science fiction and fantasy alone, plus lots of mysteries, children's books, music, romances, and various non-fiction. A lot of this is high-quality stuff, in all genres -- everything from the Anne of Green Gables series to the International Library of Music to the vast Pern collection to James Herriott's essays to the Joy of Cooking to the History of Italian Renaissance Art to the Brother Cadfael Mysteries. I'm starting to puzzle out where I can send all of those (they are all going to go away -- I *have* to trim the collection down), but in the meantime I'm going to leave them out for at least a few days.

So -- if you're interested in perusing the books and potentially taking a bunch away, please contact me. Today's cheap prices will continue to be in effect (including the $10/box special) -- I really want the books gone. It'll be by appointment, probably for the next week: I can be available much of the time during the day, or potentially on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evenings. Drop me a line...

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