Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


How intriguing -- Hubway has apparently just opened several new stations, in Ball Square, Davis and Porter. Which, as it happens, are the places I spend most of my time in Somerville. (Kate lives near Ball; I do most of my shopping near Davis and Porter.)

Eventually I should get my own bike refurbished and working again, but for the time being this looks like it has great potential. Slightly limits *where* I go with these bikes, but if I'm going to the right places, I have an automatic bike rack, and coverage in Camberville is looking quite good. And while half an hour isn't enough time for a pleasure ride, it's enough to get most places I'm likely to go that are less than driving/T distances. A lot of places (eg, Harvard, MIT) are a long walk but a fairly modest bike ride. And as I suspected, there's an app for finding the nearest station.

Has anybody used Hubway? Any thoughts? I've been curious about it but not paying much attention since it was mostly Boston/Cambridge before. Now that it's hitting key parts of Somerville, it's actually looking potentially useful to me. I may try a one-day pass to kick the tires (as it were) and think about a real membership...

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