Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

And lo, there was a published repository

Okay, time for me to learn GitHub for Querki. And how better to do that than to use it for the OP Compiler project first?

Several people expressed interest in seeing how the OP Compiler works. I've now published it online -- you can find it at https://github.com/jducoeur/OPCompiler. The README covers the basics -- I encourage programmers to poke around at it, especially if you want some examples of what Scala looks like in the hands of somebody who's still learning the ins and outs.

You can also take a look at the log.txt file, which is the output of the Compiler. That has several major sections:
  • The beginning is the Court Reports section, showing what I've parsed so far from those. (And you can see that there's still a lot of cleanup needed.)

  • Then comes the Alphabetical parse section, which is largely uninteresting except that it shows where the errors are.

  • About halfway down is the much more interesting Alpha List, which shows the consolidated view of all the people, and what I currently think they have (including which data source each award comes from). IMPORTANT: I've only done the past ten years of court reports, and the "A" alpha listing so far. Don't panic if you don't find yourself there.

  • Finally, down at the bottom are all of the errors that we're currently encountering, most of which are places where the source data is so messed-up that we're going to have to fix the original.
So please go poke around if you're curious. I've put enough work into this program that I'm happy to talk about it and answer questions. (Both about the Compiler itself and the Scala code -- there's a lot of interesting magic there, and I'd love to chat about it.) Keep in mind that the project is as-yet-unfinished -- I'll be needing a bunch of help for the final cleanup phases, hopefully fairly soon...
Tags: programming, sca, scala

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