Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Querki is Go

It's actually been a week or so, but I've been busy enough that I hadn't dealt with posting yet. Kate and I sat down a week or two ago, and I presented her with my business plan: less about *what* I am building, but more the concrete assessment of when I'll be making how much money, and what is my minimum level of success before I give up. Within those parameters, she's given me the thumbs-up to go for it.

So: as of this month, I am now nearly-full-time on the Querki Project. This is a new garage startup, but a much more hard-headed one than CommYou ever was, with a fairly detailed business plan, expectations of what will be done when, and a self-imposed requirement that I actually start making money at this before *too* long. It's going to be a radically transparent open-source project (again, much moreso than CommYou was), but that's going to be paired with a real website that is expected to make some money.

I'm starting to move my pile of notes from Google Docs into the official-for-now Querki Wiki on GitHub. There isn't much there yet, but feel free to keep an eye on it -- I'll be moving files there steadily in the next couple of weeks. I'll also be burbling about it here: I'll be tagging all of it "querki", so if you really don't want to hear about it, filter out that tag. I'm hoping folks come along for the ride, though.

I hope you decide to join me on this. I need lots of help, not just on the programming side but even more on usage. This isn't a programmer's lark -- it's a tool designed to help people get things done. My Use Cases file is already stuffed with ideas from many of you, but I want every idea I can get, so that I can be building tools that people will actually use.

More info shortly...
Tags: querki

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