Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

*God*, I love this project

I'm rapidly fleshing out the Querki Use Cases and Features. The Feature list is growing terrifyingly fast, but that's what the Use Cases are for: they are going to help drive which features get implemented when. (And more importantly, which features to *not* implement yet. I'm going to have to pick my battles carefully. Nothing gets implemented until we have a concrete use for it.) I'm starting to sincerely believe that this will be useful enough that people will buy memberships.

I think I'm going to start talking about Use Cases, something like one a day, over on the development blog (querki_project). Please come join in over there, kibitz and comment, point potentially interested friends at it, and keep the ideas coming! The "what we're going to try to accomplish" train is rapidly gaining steam, and the project is looking ever-cooler and more useful...
Tags: querki

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