Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Have I found a consistency?

There we were this morning, talking about Romney and flip-flopping, and I started thinking about it. In a way, his history on this has become a weird advantage. Any *normal* candidate in his position would be in real trouble, because he said so many extreme things during the primaries that he has to disavow now. But of course, this is Romney -- so much of the electorate is simply assuming, deep down, that he was lying. Of *course* he was lying -- he *always* lies. So it's terribly easy to believe that he was lying to the Tea Partiers during the primary.

So I began wondering: is there anything he has *ever* been consistent about? It's genuinely difficult to find a subject that he hasn't flip-flopped on at least once. But finally, I think I hit on it. He has, as far as I know, *never* advocated *any* position...

... that might cause his own tax bill to go up.

And that seems to just speak for itself...
Tags: politics

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