Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Credit where it is due

For those following at home, I am *finally* coming to grips with the medical bills from my kidney-stone incident back in July. BCBS of Florida has finally admitted that yes, I was covered by them under COBRA at the time, and they have finally reprocessed the bills. It's been quite an epic, and I'll tell the full story once it's done, but at least we're now making progress.

(I'm still going to wind up paying a lot, but only a fraction of the sky-high original bills. Tangent: I am ruefully amused that BCBS isn't actually *paying* very much. They're mostly just arguing the original bills down from the stratosphere to merely expensive, and then telling me that I haven't satisfied my deductible yet. Still, I'll take the umpty-thousand-dollar savings.)

And I have to admit one pleasant surprise. Through this whole horrible adventure, and despite the degree to which I have come to dislike BCBS/FL and their hundred little inefficiencies in paying for this, the folks on the phone both there and at all the various doctor's billing offices have been consistently friendly and helpful. I am *not* fond of cold phone calls, especially in potentially combative situations, but all of the folks from Customer Service have provided -- well, customer service.

It's the little things that restore a bit of my battered faith in mankind...

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