Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Looking for opinions about unconventional databases

This one is for the hardcore techies in the audience. Does anybody have any *practical* experience with the NoSQL world? Querki doesn't fit the traditional SQL mold very well, so I'm comparing NoSQL options -- in particular, document-centric data stores, which are broadly the best match for our needs. So far, three options look particularly intriguing:
  • MongoDB -- very fast, a tad unreliable architecturally, lots of query power

  • CouchDB -- super-reliable by design

  • Postgres with hstore -- today's discovery (which prompted this question), which lets you mix traditional columns with key-value bags
I haven't worked with any of them, and trying to find unbiased info about the gotchas and performance tradeoffs online is frustrating. (And StackOverflow tends to frown on this sort of "who's better?" question.)

So any and all informed opinions about these or similar options would be greatly welcomed. Thanks...
Tags: querki, technology

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