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Say what you will about Twitter as a product...
... the company continues to be one of the better members of the tech community.

I came across Bootstrap yesterday, and it is just delightful. One of the key problems for a small startup like Querki is that, while I have a reasonable amount of programming talent, I can't design my way out of a paper bag. Bootstrap is for people like me -- it's a lot of common design principles, best practices and widgets, all wrapped up in an easy-to-integrate package. The look-and-feel is a bit bare-bones, but it's not *ugly*, and that's good enough to get me started, until I can afford a proper graphic designer.

So don't be surprised if Querki initially looks a fair amount like the Bootstrap site. We'll probably iterate that gradually, but it's a nice starting point...

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Useful to get third-party corroboration that it works as billed -- thanks! I expect that it's going to shave a fair amount of time off of getting Querki up to at least an acceptable look-and-feel...

I actually had a dream last night where I was using Querki! I was using it to implement some sort of game that was in the billiards / shove-groat family. Pretty sure that *isn't* in your list of use cases :-)

Heh -- no. While I *am* starting to muse idly about what sort of games Querki would be good for, those aren't in the list...

(Deleted comment)
Interesting. Not sure any of it is stuff I really need, but useful to know about. Thanks!

I've picked up a bit of this recently as well. Someone has recently made a Moodle theme using Bootstrap. As you found: easy, basic, working principles. And a good foundation to build on without too much work.

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