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Lest we forget that Jane had a sense of humor
I'm starting to seriously clear the house. It is *full* of boxes and papers and cruft, and I am beginning to realize that, if I'm going to actually list it in March, I need to get cracking on clearing stuff. So today's focus is going through miscellanea and making the fast separation: Keep, Discard, or Hold Onto For Further Study. And there's this box labeled "Library Articles".

Most of it is sadly frustrating. I clearly need to get rid of it, because I have *no* use for it myself. I'm hoping that I can find some school somewhere that would be interested in it (Simmons, maybe?), because it's a fascinating archive of the history of online librarianship, from the early days in the mid-80s. Jane clipped a vast number of articles about solo librarianship, research and search over many years, with the result that you can study much of the history of the field just from the contents of this one box.

I'm only keeping the bits that are exceptionally interesting or personal. Some of that is the humor -- random library-related cartoons and the like.

And then there is the ANSI Standard. An innocuous little pamphlet, very official, of ANSI Standard K100.1-1974:
Safety Code and Requirements for Dry Martinis
It's the best grin I've gotten in some time.

Read it for yourself -- the link above is to the official NISO PDF online. It's almost straight-faced at times, wandering off into beautiful excesses such as Table 1, "Maximum Permissible Olive Displacement". The best bit is the end, as they evaluate the possible mixing techniques, eventually recommending the "Radiation" method.

It's a delightful piece of silliness, and I'll be keeping it, even as I sadly deaccession a career's worth of meatier content...
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And thank you for scanning it in and sharing it! (And of course for sharing your memories of Jane. I never met her, but I’m appreciating getting to know her a little through your journal.)

Credit where it's due -- I had nothing to do with the PDF. I was in the middle of describing it for this LJ entry, when it occurred to me that, if this really is an official ANSI Standard (and as far as I can tell, it is), it surely must exist online. In fact, there are quite a number of copies online, but this seems to be the most official, hosted at the National Information Standards Organization...

My wife, ealdthryth might be interested in the collection. Online archiving and the transience (and opaqueness) of computer media were a topic of concern to her when she was taking her MLIS courses.

Intriguing. I'd love it if you could check with her -- I would *far* rather that this stuff go to someone who might find it interesting, rather than just dumping it. It's an unusual collection of articles, effectively curated by Jane's interest in the intersection of technology and library science...

Hmm. Sorry, hold on that. It looks like one of my students is interested, and gets first dibs. (I've actually gotten more local interest in the collection than I expected...)

No problem. ealdthryth did express some interest, but she wasn't quite sure what she would do with it all, and she was a little concerned about how big that box is.

The dirty vodka martini is the one true martini!

That's wonderful. Mind if I share it on my Facebook?

Same Q. Can we share?

Mais oui. As a rule, anything I post publicly may be shared around...

Very popular with my FB friends.

Hi. You have a protege with a Masters Degree in Library Science.

How soon do you want it out of your house?

Also, the ones you're keeping as particularly interesting, I might like a chance to get to scan if you don't mind.

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