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Please vote
I'm not going to pretend to neutrality here: this is a big election. Yes, it's a foregone conclusion that Obama will win MA, but the senatorial contest is still very much a horse race. And let's be clear: Scott Brown is an independent only by the lockstep-extremist standards of the current Republican party. A Republican-controlled Senate would be problematic with an Obama White House; it would probably be disastrous with a Romney one. Warren wouldn't have been my choice of candidate for the legislature, but I'm pretty clear that she's better than the giving the Republicans the mostly-reliable vote of Scott Brown.

And for those out of state: seriously, vote for Obama. Romney is horrifying, from a character POV even more than anything else. I mean, anybody who thinks they know what Romney stands for is *clearly* wrong. He's turned lying into a fine art, to a degree that I find really disturbing. Every politician nips and tucks the truth here and there, but he's been lying with increasing confidence and bald-facedness over the past year. He represents a fundamental corruption of American politics, and letting him win would support the notion that outright lying is the way to get elected.

And y'know, this morning the news mentioned "since he started his campaign 18 months ago". No -- he started his campaign something like 18 *years* ago. Even during his failed bid against Kennedy in the Senate, long ago, it was broadly accepted that he was just looking for a stepping-stone to the White House. Which leaves me with the question, what kind of man does that? Devotes his entire life to gaining that raw power, to the point where he will sacrifice every truth in order to do it? I can think of few *creepier* politicians.

Even the Economist, no fan of Obama's policies, came down pretty clearly anti-Romney. I honestly regret that the Republican Party has turned into this bizarre charade, and has wound up nominating someone like that -- I desperately wish for an election where I actually feel like I have to make a choice. But this time, it's very clear. Obama hasn't been perfect -- he's made decisions I disagree with, and hasn't accomplished all I might have wished. But I haven't ever found reason to doubt that he's a good man, trying very hard to do the right things in near-impossible circumstances, and *is* getting a lot of good done despite the uphill fights. He is clearly, far and away, the better candidate, and it's worth the line to help keep him in office...

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I hollered at the radio when I heard the 18 months thing.

I found it interesting that an interview with Ann Romney a month or so ago used the past tense to describe her husband's political aspirations. It sounded like she knew he was going to lose. This was a bit after his 47% misstep. At least if he loses now, we're fairly assured that he will fade into the muck of the modern Fundagelipublican party.

My man and I are heading out after lunch today; polling place is literally around the corner from our house. FINALLY, something nice about living close to an elementary school!

I first saw the movie Bob Roberts in October of 1994 - when Romney was running against Ted Kennedy. It was disturbing in its parallels. I certainly hope you've seen it.

If you have the opportunity, I'd recommend it. It's about a young, telegenic folksinger (Tim Robbins) with good hair who goes against the older and more established (and somewhat rounder) incumbent - Gore Vidal. The folksinger aspect is clearly meant to be a mirror image of Bob Dylan.

Voted and now waiting for the results.

I figure it'll be like last time - Obama wins because SNL backs him and then they spend the next 4 years tearing him down.

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