Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Music Meme

Okay, I'm sufficiently amused by the new meme to play along. As described by oakleaf_mirror, who got it from juldea:

1. Open your MP3 (or whatever format your computer stores music) player.
2. Put your entire collection on random play, and start it.
3. Record the first 10 songs, no matter how embarrassing.

Note that I'm still in mid-rip (only about 400 tracks ripped yet, out of a collection of 500+ CDs), so this is heavily biased towards the start of the alphabet, and mostly lacking in the stuff that comes out of collections (which tend to be where my 70s and 80s music are). Also, this is specifically the tracks I most like -- I tend to not rip whole discs. But as a semi-representative sampling of my tastes:

Bring It Round -- Boiled In Lead
5/4 -- Gorillaz
Problem Child -- AC/DC
Mamma Mia -- ABBA
Alcohol -- Barenaked Ladies
Gonna Make You Sweat -- C&C Music Factory
The King of Bedside Manor -- Barenaked Ladies
Hey Stoopid -- Alice Cooper
Freak Out -- B*Witched
Seeing Is Believing -- Midnight Oil

I'll have to do this one again once I'm done with the current rip pass in a month or two...

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