Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The Free Griffin?

Okay, here's a question for the old-timers. I'm gradually pushing my way through the OP, getting everything to parse, much of which is about adding awards that I don't yet have in my configuration files. And I just got to the record for Chaim Elihu ben Moshe, who back in February of 1973 was made a "Companion of the Free Griffin" -- of Carolingia.

What the heck is the Order of the Free Griffin?

Mind, Carolingia had existed for just about a year at this point -- this precedes the existence of the Daystar and Moon by a couple of years, and the Perseus by many. But I have nothing but guesswork of what it is. Is it a proto-Daystar? We seem to have registered the name in 1987. But I know nothing else about it, and I'm not sure there are any other members.

Anybody have the story? I'm adding lots of obscure little baronial awards right now, but I didn't expect to find one from Carolingia...
Tags: sca history

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