Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

And this is why we hire Gentle Giant

So, the move happened.

Monday was Moving Day. Not everything, mind -- we moved maybe 20% of my furniture from Burlington to Somerville. But it's the most important 20% -- most of the stuff that defines where I am really living. You know: things like the chaise with the built-in gravity well. (Which is now in our master bedroom.) The media cabinet -- and more importantly, the TV *on* the media cabinet.

It's an experience that teaches you about your priorities. The *most* important thing, the part that I found feels most like I've really moved, is the ten boxes of critical cooking and games books. About half of each category is going into storage, but the rest are the books that I just can't stand to have boxed up -- 20 years' worth of well-curated library in each topic. So we moved several bookcases, and I am setting the key books out on those.

As with my move to Burlington, we hired Gentle Giant, and the experience was much the same as last time. Just two guys (in the grand scheme of things, this was a small move), but they were smart, efficient, careful, strong and spoke good English. The company quoted me 4-6 hours labor, with a 4-hour minimum; in practice, the guys finished in just about three hours start to finish. (As with last time, I think I startled them by actually being organized. I don't think they get so many clients who have detailed checklists of precisely what goes where, with no indecision or last-minute packing.)

Anyway, they still get my highest recommendation. They're a bit pricey, but the sense that the move is in good hands is *well* worth it.

I'm still going to be spending lots of time in Burlington over the winter -- packing, moving, storing, cleaning and generally prepping the house for sale. But it all feels much more real now. Everything just feels oddly sparse and unbalanced -- the house is still mostly full of furniture, but with odd gaps all over the place and increasingly buried in boxes.

Don't know when I'm going to legally change my residence to Somerville, but it'll be sometime soon. One of the oddly major steps happened yesterday: I changed my address on file with PayPal, so purchases through that will come to Somerville now instead of Burlington. Somehow, that feels more significant than what my driver's license says.

Moving Day II will be sometime in the late winter, and that'll be the big one -- once the basement is ready, I'll be moving a bunch of the rest of my stuff there, and a bunch of the remaining furniture into storage. Still lots to do before then...

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