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And this is what makes having all that history to hand so cool. Here's the official invitation to Crown Tourney for May 1973, printed in color on parchment, tipped into Pikestaff Vol II, Issue 2:
Crown AnnouncementClick to see it full-size...

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This was my first event. I met Akbar, Jehan de La Marche, Finvarr, Patri, John of Isleway, Andros, Laura de Segovia and many others.

I know I fought in that tourney (my lady (Martha of Tamblynne) was cooking and had to come running down the hill (from Claflin?) every time I took the field); I don't remember who eliminated me but that Aonghais Dubh won in the second session a week later at Beyond the Mountain
I was an old-ish member by then, having joined in September (Patri, George de Isle Verts and I fought in what would become known as Pennsic I; I remember Patri, Leslie, Tabitha, Gorge, Martha, Bert & Dianne Parker and I in the station wagon; ws Peridot of the Quaking Hand the ninth?);
I may have still been wearing the World's Ugliest Tunic (there are photos), though Lisa Goldenstar may have made me a new one by then.
My blue freon can helm would teach us about temper (and I think inspire Sir AElfwine to make his first Sutton Hoo style helm) the next Fall (I may be off a year) when Fernando hit the spot I had been pounding dents out of all summer and concussed me.
Because we did not require body armor at the time Andros could fight in woad (blue food coloring as memory serves); Akbar had gathered broken foils from his college fencing program to make the grille of his helmet. Patri had a flak jacket that he wore under the grey tunic (I can admit after 40 years that I was jealous of Patri on so many levels).
apologies for the disjointed-ness; Dauphin1974's comment just unlocked a memory spate

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