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Oh, those wacky fencing Orders

My main project while on Christmas break down in Florida (more notes on that anon) was to work on the OP Compiler. That's steaming forward nicely -- the Alpha Lists are now all parsing, nearly all of the Award Lists are doing so, and the Court Reports are parsing back as far as Siegfried and Wanda: there's a chance I could finish the Court Reports tomorrow.

So why am I posting after midnight? Because the bloody Fencing awards were driving me crazy, as I (correctly) realized that I probably had them grouped wrong.

The thing is, the East has had a bunch of fencing awards, including a long-since-closed one named the Guardsman, and they've gone through a lot of names, since some didn't get named immediately. So I just spent about 45 minutes correlating the Court Reports, comparing them with the Award Lists, and have come to the following conclusions:

The Order of the Guardsman can be found in the OP as the "East Kingdom Fencing Order", the "East Kingdom Fencing Award", and the "East Kingdom Order of Fence", as well as the Guardsman.

On the flip side, the Order of the Golden Rapier is found as the "High Merit for Fence", the "Kingdom Order of Fence", and simply the "Order of Fence", before things settled down on the OGR.

You see why I was tearing my hair out over this?

I *think* I have it all straight, and blessedly I don't think there is any term that is used for *both* of the awards. (Yes, I could theoretically distinguish by date, since the Guardsman was closed before the OGR started, but that goes *way* against the architecture, and would be a ton of work -- the notion of two different awards with the same name is not a pretty one. If I found conflicts, I'd actually rewrite the Court Reports instead.)

Anyway, making progress. With any luck, before terribly long I'll be ready for folks to take the consolidated printout, and tell me about all the synonymous names you find. I suspect that the average person in the OP will turn out to have around two disconnected entries. (I only have one, but I've had the same name since long before my AoA. By contrast, Kenric has something like eight variations of his name, and Darius has at least half a dozen that don't even resemble each other...)
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