Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Where are the Meadhall signups?

I am honestly confused here -- by all accounts, signups for the Queen's Meadhall (aka Bardic Champions, aka the Bardic Wiggly-Do) are currently very low. I don't quite understand why, and I'm concerned. This is looking to be a really good event -- lots of the best storytelling around all afternoon, a Royal Court (first one we've had in a while), a creative and tasty feast, and then some serious dancing.

I'd expected this event to get 150 people *easily*, so I'm surprised, and more than a little worried about the implications for the health of the Barony. Thoughts on why?

(And if you've been putting off getting a reservation, today's the last day to do so easily online -- I strongly recommend going and dealing with it ASAP.)

Update: Annnnnd now we're sold out, at least of the ACCEPS reservations. I'm curious how much of this happened today, as the result of the surge in awareness; unfortunately, it's hard to tell. Which kind of underscores the problem -- ACCEPS is a good effort, but if it's going to be as important as it's becoming, it needs a redesign in order to serve autocrats better...
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