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... okay, this may capture the zeitgeist better than anything I've seen in the past year
Kate just pointed me at "Zombies, Run!", a recent app for Android. It's an exercise program that purports to work anywhere. Zombies are chasing you (on your phone); you have to run (in the real world) to evade them and accomplish missions.

So it combines exercise, smartphones and zombies. Surely, it is the representative game of our age...

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ive had it for my iPhone for a few months now. it is actually quite nice

It's one of the things I'm loving about Ingress. I go walking around on my few evenings off to collect XM and hack portals. Lots of fun.

This sounds deeply cool in principle, but I'm very concerned about a bunch of people running while staring at their smartphones...

There is some sort of joke or irony here about the "zombie" aspect.

It's audible. You get voice commands and prompts while running. Not a ton of staring at the screen while running. =)

I would totally try this if I were physically capable of running.

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