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Where I'll be at Arisia
Oh, right -- it's time for the usual "where to find me" post, aka "What panels am I on?"

This year I seem to have wound up unusually heavy on comics panels -- understandable, but I may find myself a bit overwhelmed with the sheer geekery of it. (All of Arisia is geeky, but there's something *especially* geeky about comic-book panels.) The stuff I'm on/running:
  • Comics Year in Review (Friday, 7pm) -- hmm. What *has* come out this year that was especially noteworthy? I have fewer ideas than usual.

  • When Comics Creators Go Off the Deep End (Friday, 10pm)

  • Worst Episode Ever (Saturday, 1pm) -- suggestions solicited. I can think of some ripe examples, but I'm sure I'm missing a lot.

  • Future Directions in Personal Computing (Saturday, 5:30pm) -- with Alex Feinman, among others

  • SCA Ball / Renaissance Dance (Sunday, 3pm) -- everyone is strongly encouraged to come to this. We need both dancers with some clue to spread around the floor, and folks to explain the SCA.

  • The Finite vs. Open-Ended Story (Monday, 1pm) -- the one comics panel I'm really looking forward to
I'm also especially looking forward to the Sassafrass / Stranger Ways concert and "Hallucinating Shakespeare" -- both of which, of course, partly overlap with my panels. Argh. (And maybe this insane game show that I gather Scratch is running.)

How about you? What are you looking forward to as likely highlights of Arisia?

Oh, and Kate's not going to be at the con (she has a conflict this weekend), so I'm going to be looking for people to hang out with. This is one of those "yes, I'm shyer than you think" things; invites to join into stuff would be welcomed...

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Highlights of the comic year for me:

Roger Langridge did lots of good work this year, between Muppets, Popeye, and Snarked!

Cerebus reprints (plus archival material) went digital via Kickstarter; others are attempting to follow. Dave Sim is also creating new comics *and* new being-Dave-Sim-craziness to watch.

Hellboy died and went to Hell, which is being fascinating.

Ah -- forgot about Snarked! Added to the list -- thanks...

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