Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Another week, another delightfully silly Kickstarter project

This time, though, it's one that potentially saves shelf space in the long run. Dice Cards is a very simple and clever idea -- it's a standard deck of playing cards, where the image on each card shows a riot of dice and other randomizers. The deck as a whole contains a reasonable distribution of each randomizer (and the author has thought quite carefully about how to manage that distribution), so you can use this deck to manage all sorts of problems.

The Dicecard website has the full (enormous) list of things on the cards, as well as images of the cards (which give you a better idea of what he's talking about); it includes such things as:
  • All the usual polyhedral dice;

  • A compass, giving both normal compass directions and hex-movement ones;

  • A set of meeples in different colors, to help choose starting player;

  • A RPSLS die;

  • A straw of varying lengths, to determine who gets the short straw;

  • A treasure map showing various world capitals;

  • A set of runes;

  • Icons indicating the various characters for playing Werewolf;

etc, etc. It's a pretty remarkable set of information crammed into a single deck of cards -- it even includes one or two games invented for this deck.

If I was stupid-rich, I suspect I'd pledge the maximum and work with him to include a seven-sided die. (Which I care about more than most people.) But this is a must-back for me: it is such a geeky idea, done with such magnificently geeky execution (including what appears to be custom software to generate the cards) that I have to support it...

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