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Well, at least somebody is listening
From the SCA Announcements list:

"The Board of Directors has granted a one-time variance to the following Society Financial Policy, Section XII, B to allow the Barony of Gyldenholt, Caid to test the PayPal system for accepting credit cards at the Gyldenhold - Calafia Friendship Tournament on March 9, 2013. The Society Exchequer is currently evaluating the feasibility of PayPal for future SCA usage at events using this event as a test. Please direct any questions to the Society Exchequer at exchequer@sca.org."
It's a start. Fingers crossed that it goes well...

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The SCA likes Caid. They use us as a testing ground for all kinds of stuff. (:

Oh. PayPal.

We have detected possibly fraudulent activity on your account - to wit, almost a thousand transfers of amounts ranging from $10 to $35 over the course of a month - and have locked down all the received money until we determine that you are not a thief. No, we won't tell you when it will be released. No, we don't have to follow any banking regulations, we're not a bank.

It's happened to conventions, it's happened to small businesses. I do not like PayPal.

I like paypal well enough, and it works well enough for my small convention, but I too have heard the horror stories.

I'm also liking Square, but it isn't as well set up to do web page located event oriented payments. But they are putting some pressure on PayPal to straighten up.

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me too but i know that when they froze my account for perfectly legit reasons (10 $2 payments to facebook) it took one call, and 15 minutes to get it all sorted out... i've been using htem since... 99 or 2000...

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Ugh. I'd almost rather no solution than Paypal.

My professional society used them as the payment processor for a small conference. They locked down the account without warning until the conference finished, and adamantly refused to listen to reason. Wouldn't care to use them again.

Paypal scares the crap out of me. Their habit of locking down accounts and holding funds because they don't like something that the vendor is selling, or some policy of the vendor, or they just saw something odd could be a disaster for a group.

They are neither a bank, nor a credit card processor, and thus fall between the cracks of many of the legal consumer safeguards.

How are they not a CC processor?

Sorry, ambiguous term. I should have said not a credit card company (as in Master Card, Discover, etc.). Their acceptance of credit cards is more akin to Walmart than it is to a bank, for regulatory purposes, as I understand it.

Ah, I see. Yes, although they also offer a credit/debit card these days.

I don't think they're so similar to WallMart. I think they are a "Merchant Service Provider", which seems to have a legal definition and at least some regulation, which, in addition to providing traditional credit card services to businesses, provides them to very small businesses and individuals, markets that the big players have been ignoring until now.

In terms of their retail "products" (services) what's a little strange is that they started out ONLY providing the unusual, personal, level of service, and then later branched out into offering traditional Merchant Services.

Since individuals and very small businesses don't usually deal directly with Merchant Service Providers, there's a bit of a culture clash as far as degree of customer service, etc.

From my perspective, running a small business, the services (web payment processing) I get from Paypal are available from a modest number of competitors, most of whom are not in the same price range, as their target market are larger businesses than mine.

SQUARE provides me with a different service, and in that field, there are several providers for me to choose from, including both Paypal and Intuit.

On the other hand, from my perspective as an individual, there are few to none offering the same services, though I think there are some trying to break in.

Mind you, I'm not defending Paypal against the charges that they can be arbitrary and capricious, and clearly they've been fighting hard to remain as little regulated as they can manage.

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