Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

I've got spam! Yay!

Probably the first and last time I'll ever make *that* statement. But in this case, the spam is very good news -- because it was to one of my antique waks.org spam-catcher addresses, and it landed in my Gmail account.

What does this mean? I have finally gotten control of the waks.org domain back. A lot of folks noticed, a year or two ago, that http://www.waks.org/ had stopped working. It took me a while to figure out why -- it was because Forevermail, which had been my domain forwarder since the relatively early days of the Web, had gone belly-up. But email sent to waks.org was still getting through to our Comcast account, so it wasn't a crisis.

Well, it's becoming a crisis now: I'm moving in with Kate, which means that our ancient waks@mediaone/attbi/turner/comcast/I've forgotten how many times it's changed hands.net email address is finally going to die. Worse, that address was the last valid contact information for the registration of waks.org, so the domain was pretty much doomed if I didn't deal with it before shutting down the Comcast connection.

So the past couple of weeks have been a bit of a scramble. Aaron explained to me how to approach the problem, and determined that Tucows were currently the main administrators of the domain; I talked to Tucows and got them to sit on the current holder of the domain (who sound decidedly sketchy -- far as I could tell, you couldn't get through to their customer service without signing up for some suspicious agreement). That produced the necessary transfer codes, and I've spent the past five business days waiting for everybody to agree that I wasn't contesting this transfer.

But as of this morning, I found that the registration had gone through; I immediately set up web forwarding, so that links to, eg, http://www.waks.org/Cookbook now redirect appropriately. That's probably temporary -- my current long-term plan is that waks.org will eventually point to somewhere on Querki -- but it's nice to have it functioning.

And the spam? The honor of the first waks.org spam goes, unsurprisingly, to SPTechCon. The SharePoint conference a few years ago is a fine example of *why* I give out bespoke waks.org email addresses to commercial entities, since they proceeded to resell that address to every bloody company in the SharePoint universe. Receiving it means that I can start to configure Google's vastly-more-effective spam filters to get rid of the stuff. (Which has been clogging up Comcast for ages -- their spam filtering is basically a joke.)

The upshot is that I believe email to waks.org works again. I still recommend using my direct Gmail address for important personal mail -- it's less likely to get caught in the web of filters I'm going to be building around waks.org -- but it's a relief to know that I'm not imminently going to lose my original domain...

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