Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

QL Stuff

For those who are interested in Querki, but not following the Project Journal: I've just finished up a series of posts over the past six weeks, describing QL -- the relatively simple "language" you use to display queries in Querki -- and the concepts around it.

The posts aren't very polished, and do get into some technical details, so I suspect that only the programmers are going to be interested in reading the whole thing. But if you'd like to get a first-draft of sense of how you pull Querki together, here's the series:It's a *long* series -- each of those posts is pretty in-depth -- but it starts to get across the notion of what's what. Those who aren't interested in technical details might want to just read the first and last entries -- while the rest explain *why* it works, the example gives you a sense of what you actually do in practice.
Tags: querki

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