Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Combatting my own ignorance

One of the LinkedIn links today points to a rather pithy and direct article on the "Ignorance Anti-Pattern" for startups -- basically, saying that one of the common failings for many startups is that they don't know what they don't know, and usually don't try very hard to find out.

It's good food for thought, and I'm pausing and reflecting about it. I've actually tried fairly hard to *not* fall into this trap -- I understand the technical side of the problem fairly well (not that I have all the solutions yet, but I'm at least aware of most of the problems I'm going to face), and I've thought a lot about the business side.

Still, I'm kind of in a bubble here. The biggest problem with founding a company almost single-handed (Kate and Aaron are both substantially involved, but I'm about 75% of it so far) is that I don't have people challenging my assumptions very often, and that's an important exercise.

So here's a request to all of you. Now or later, when you see problems that I'm plausibly going to be facing with Querki -- whether they be technical, logistical or business-related -- please raise them. That won't always be comfortable for me, but it's definitely necessary. Some folks have already been doing that occasionally (my father peppered me with a fine list of questions at Christmas), and so far there hasn't been anything *too* bad that I hadn't already foreseen, but I think people are only now beginning to see the shape of where the company is going. If you see that there are competitors that I might not know about, or business traps that I may be heading for, please bring them up.

This project is, in many ways, staggeringly arrogant, and the only chance I have of success is having my eyes wide open throughout...
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