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Help! Looking for packing help at Crossert, March 30
We're getting down to the wire on prepping my Burlington house for sale. Much of it is packed, but it's time for the final push. We're hoping to get movers for the last furniture in early April.

SO -- March 30th, pretty much all day, I'm looking for a bunch of help. Some of this will be packing boxes, some of it helping move them to the storage unit. None of this is likely to be true Thug work -- the movers will deal with more or less all of the furniture -- but it wouldn't surprise me if we wind up with another 100 boxes that need to be moved. So it's pretty much the more, the merrier. We're hoping for at least six people helping out, and could probably use up to a dozen.

Lunch of some sort will be provided, as well as dinner if things run towards evening. We'll continue on Sunday if need be, but I'm hoping that we can get it reasonably done Saturday.

RSVPs greatly welcomed if you know you can make it, to help plan (and reduce the "Ack! Nobody's going to come!"), but I encourage you to simply show up day-of if it turns out that works best. Thanks!

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We'll likely be a maybe - I have been working weekends when I can, since the big deadline is in April. Also, we have plans in Boston that evening for my birthday. And I have an on-site interview with MathWorks coming up, and I don't know where my sanity will be at that point. Oh, and we're running an SCA event the weekend before. Good Times.

Heh -- well, hopefully the stars will align and you'll be able to come over. In the meantime, good luck...

If Vis goes, and I'm feeling healthy, I'll tag along.

I can probably be there. It'll take some negotiation because someone's getting impatient with my crazy end of reign schedule, but I should be able to make it happen.

(and I'm not even going to foreign wars!)

Lovely -- thanks! (And we still need to talk furniture...)

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