Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

*Sigh*. Anyone got recommendations for good Android-centric RSS aggregators?

Once again, I am reminded that Google's throw-apps-at-the-wall approach leads to good applications that they then kill off. The latest victim, according to the news reports, is Google Reader, which I've been using for many years as my main way of following news online. Of course, like many Google apps, it's never had a business plan, and they appear to have finally realized that.

Okay -- anybody got recommendations? In a perfect world, I'd prefer something with the same level of capability as Google Reader, capable of both browser-based and phone-based reading, although the Android side is much more important. It's crucial for it to be able to manage multiple reading lists, so I can keep my "critical technical reading" and "random fun stuff" lists separate. Being able to import reading lists from Google Reader would be nice. A good UI on Android is essential. And, I should note, costing a little money is entirely acceptable: this incident reminds me once again of why I don't trust "free" apps. The Internet did not do away with the basic principle of TANSTAAFL.

Opinions solicited: I haven't even looked at this space in years. Wouldn't surprise me if something better has arisen in that time; certainly I hope so...

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