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URGENT: need help the next two weekends!
Okay, it's time to step up and broaden the call for assistance here -- I'm dangerously close to a major crisis. We're approaching the heart of home-sales season. To get the best chance of selling my place in Burlington, I really need to be listing by late April. The house needs some work, which I need to be doing by mid-April. Which means that the movers need to come in early April, which means I really need to be completely packed by the end of March.

I've helped many of you move, and otherwise helped out in the past. I think I need to call in those markers, because there's a *lot* to do.

So: for the next two weekends (March 23/24 and 30/31), we're going to be packing up Crossert pretty much every afternoon. This isn't really a moving job per se -- there isn't a lot of heavy-lifting goonage needed, since I'll be hiring people for that -- it's mostly about putting things into boxes. Some of it's fairly delicate work (carefully wrapping the wedding crystal to bring home); a lot is simply putting books in boxes and the like. Some of it is organizational: doing a fast sort of the piles of SCA papers, so that I have a prayer of being able to do something sensible with them later. A fair amount of it is going to be tossing stuff into the dumpster I'm about to rent.

If we can get half a dozen people each of those days, the job should be fairly easy, but I'm horribly overwhelmed trying to do it myself. (Kate can help with some, but she's horribly allergic to my house and can only spend a few hours each weekend there.)

If we get enough people, it would also be helpful if some folks could help move smallish stuff to our house in Somerville. The big and heavy things are going with the movers, and the small things can go in boxes, but I'm a little overwhelmed with the number of moderate-sized items (like the sewing machine, the scrolls, the artwork, the instruments and so on) that need to be hand-carried home.

As an incentive, folks who help pack will get first dibs at the large piles of Stuff To Give Away. I'm separating out some piles that are specifically SCA gear, including everything from pillar candles (and the massive candelabras that they go with) to tons of sewing supplies, notions and lots of fabric. Not to mention loads of basic housewares that will otherwise go to Goodwill: mugs, plates, tablecloths and placemats, vases, tchatchkas and about twenty pounds of silverplate flatware. And a *lot* of bookcases.

I'm also spending a lot of afternoons there during the week; if you're available some afternoon, I'd love to have some help then. I'm especially going to be looking for help taking stuff to Goodwill during afternoons the last week of the month.

Please come over if you're free one of those afternoons. The list of things that need to be dealt with is up to about 250 lines at this point, and there are tasks suitable for just about everyone. It still looks entirely manageable if we can get enough assistance, but is kind of crushing me right now...

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Of the house in Burlington.

Re: What's the address?

I'll PM you. (Anyone else who doesn't know, drop me a note.)

We're in the middle of trying to get our own house ready to sell, but I may be able to spare an afternoon or two this week or next. (If so, I'll need to know how to get there.) I'll check with E and get back to you.

Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. Cleaning, painting, etc., to get our house ready to put on the market ate up a lot more time than I expected, and we have plans this weekend.

Should be okay -- at this point, it looks like I have six or so people coming over today, which is probably about the right number. But thanks for thinking about me...

We should be able to give a some hours to the cause on Saturday. What time would work best for you?

Early afternoon is likely best -- pretty much core hours for the project. Thanks!

(Deleted comment)
That would be great, yeah! Do you have some time on Friday, maybe?

If we can get over this cold, we shall attempt to come and assist with small monster, trading off who's wrangling him at any given point in time.

But nobody needs our collective cold right now. :/

What time on each weekend?

The main focus is going to be after lunch, I think -- the core hours for the project will probably be 1-5pm...

(Deleted comment)
I'll call you when I leave wherever I am post-Mudthaw to see if I can get to your place on Sunday in time for it to be worth me coming. Hell, if court ends early enough maybe I'll just come home Saturday night.

So, I can also take a day off work next week if I need to. My coworker has permanent Mondays off at this point so I think I'm equally justified in a 4 day week (I'm angling to have my permanent day be Fridays but it hasn't all been sorted out yet). This week unfortunately is already a 4 day week due to today's weather.

I intend to be there on the 30th but whether I can also get the Sunday that weekend is going to have to be a topic of negotiation. My lack of free time lately has been a bit of a sore point - if it were up to me I'd definitely be there both days. This weekend has already been written off so I can give whatever isn't sucked up by Mudthaw.

Okay, keep me posted. (And are you still interested in furniture? The elements keep conspiring against us, but it's still there...)

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