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Okay, I'm enjoying narbonic_comic a lot. But damn -- they need to learn that multi-thousand-pixel-wide entries are EEEVIL! Evil, I say! And not Evil in a funny way! (Says the man whose friends list is three screens wide today.)

Jalapeno peppers are Nature's way of telling you not to rub your eyes. Or nose. Or mouth. I made chili 16 hours ago, *and* immediately washed my hands with soap and water, and still managed to leave my upper lip numb by rubbing it this morning. Dang -- them's *gooood* peppers...

I've finally joined the music-downloading generation officially: my current car music is a burn of my first fully (and legally) downloaded album. It's Avenue Q, which I first encountered at a party at ladysprite's house, and it's really delightful. It was originally described to me as "Sesame Street Meets Rent", which seems about right -- the track I'm in the middle of is "The Internet is for Porn".

This afternoon was Marsy's baby shower, which of course msmemory was at, so the guys decided it was a good afternoon for gaming. I went over to hungrytiger's, where he, Caleb and I spent several hours playing Strange Synergy. This is a new game from Steve Jackson, which I'll probably have to get. It's for 2-4 players (up to 6 if you make a few extra pieces). Each player has a team of 3 "warriors" in a capture-the-flag battle-arena scenario. The basic rules are pretty straightforward, but each team has one special ability, and each warrior has three unique (sometimes hidden) special abilities. So it gets quite messy, and quite fun. It reminds me a lot of the way we traditionally played Cosmic Encounter, with three powers each, some of them secret. The special abilities tend to be a little less meta than Cosmic's, so we didn't spend quite as much time arguing about rules, but this definitely isn't a game for people who want their games predictable.

It looks like I'm not going to make it to I Sebastiani tonight. It's too bad -- the show sounds like a lot of fun. But the timing aside (I just got home, and barely have time to get there), I'm still coughing too much. On top of all the other health issues I've been having the past couple of weeks, I've spent most of them coughing my fool head off. My doctor currently has me on three different prescriptions to try to reduce the problem, and they're helping some, but laughing still tends to send me into a coughing fit. So a Commedia performance just doesn't sound wise. Oh, well...

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