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Culture Code

I continue to be mostly unimpressed by LinkedIn's features (which are often less than they seem), but their weekly news recommendations to me continue to be surprisingly good.

Today's link worth reposting is Culture Code: Building a Company You Love. It's a typically short article, but chock-a-block with excellent food for thought -- I think I highlighted more sentences in this article (using Diigo, which I'm gradually finding more and more useful) than in all others to date combined.

Its main point is debunking the notion that company culture is something that can't or shouldn't be designed, and instead arguing why it is very important to think carefully about what your company culture should be, essentially from your very first hires. They manage to concisely make a couple of very compelling arguments, and while I've heard some of them before, I've never heard the point made so well before.

Useful food for thought. I can only hope that I get to the point of hiring people for Querki, but this article's going to have to be front of mind if and when I do...

(Edit: And I have to say, reading Hubspot's own "Culture Code" slide deck, embedded therein -- man, there are a lot of fine ideas in there to steal. Wouldn't work for every company, and some of it probably isn't quite right for Querki, but most of it boils down to one of the best "why you want to work here" pitches I've ever seen. Good to know that some companies are working well with the sort of company style I'd like to have...)
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