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Still looking for help
If you're available today or tomorrow, we're going to be packing stuff at my house in Burlington. Folks should arrive any time after 1pm (I may be running errands -- like buying more boxes -- before then), and we'll probably go until 5ish. Please come on by if you're available -- thanks!

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Still going on next weekend?

I recall your last post saying this is going on next weekend also...I'm away for Passover this weekend, but I can do next. I'll keep watching this space.

He who has moving karma,


Re: Still going on next weekend?

Thanks! Yeah, I suspect we'll still be going at least next Saturday. We got a *huge* amount done today, but there's still a fair ways to go yet...

Are you planning any packing during weekdays? Many weekday mornings I have free, since the rug rats are in school.

Weekdays yes, but it tends to be more afternoons than mornings.

The one morning that is planned is Wednesday, and I'd love to have you over if you're free. Paulo and I are going to be dealing with furniture, and while a lot of that is heavy-lifting goonage, I suspect that having someone to just balance stuff would be helpful. And afterwards, you could visit and we could, eg, wrap the crystal...

I have a doctor's appointment, but could be there by 11am - would that work?

Sher -- come on over, and we can do some miscellaneous packing and catch up...

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