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Is there a secondary market for fannish art?
I suspect that the answer is "no", but I find myself quite wanting one.

The thing is, 30 years of being fond of art auctions have left with, let's get real, way too much art. All of it is reasonably nice, creative and sometimes a bit silly, suiting my tastes -- everything from the wrapped-wire-and-tiger-eye tree scupture to the wall quilt that, if you look at it carefully, is a game of Tetris.

But Kate isn't into clutter, and even before moving in with her I was reflecting that I had many pieces that I haven't had anything to do with for ten or more years. My art is going to have to be focused on the highest-priority pieces (in practice, mainly SCA scrolls), so I have an awful lot of good stuff gathering dust. The "traditional" pieces that I inherited from my grandparents have well-established outlets, but my own acquisitions would just baffle most dealers.

So -- does anybody ever organize an auction / yard sale / swap meet for fannish art? These are all one-of-a-kind pieces that an artist spent real time on (I don't give a damn about the prints and posters), and I'd like to find a way to get them to good homes...

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I know there is a market-I'd ask the Arisia and NESFA lists about where, precisely, it is.

(Deleted comment)
I've thought about that, but it's a fair amount of work, and I don't actually care about the money. I'd actually kind of rather something like a swap meet, since it's more likely to go to local fen, who could just pick it up...

I would definitely come to a swap meet like that, although I don't have any I'd want to part with myself...

Well, given that there are those of us who can't bring any home (on pain of likely death), that seems fine...

Camelot has celebrated "Give Your Stuff Away Day" in early May the last couple of years.

I think these people may be who you're looking for: http://www.munchkinpress.com/

Actually, not quite -- right idea, but they seem to be more focused on the higher-end stuff (which most of mine is not), and it's individual piece sales online. I'd rather find a more efficient approach. (Since this is only one of many deaccessioning tasks I am facing over the next few years...)

Charity Auctions at various con Art Shows.

I know the Boskone Art Show at least last time I went had a section for re-selling genre-type art, so you could put your stuff up for auction there.

Intriguing. I haven't seen such a thing, but I haven't been to Boskone in quite some time. I'll have to investigate that...

Any Magnus and Lokis among those?

I also think a swap meet/yard sale type venue could be your best bet. A silent auction might do well under the right circumstances, given how SCA silent auctions tend to go, but is there anything specific you're looking to raise money for right now? I think a silent auction would go less well if it were just "I want to get rid of all this stuff but get some money for it". I could be wrong.

Any Magnus and Lokis among those?

Certainly no originals -- we've never bought anything remotely that expensive. Might be a print or two, though -- I have a vague recollection that Jane might have bought one. If I come across one, I'll be happy to pass it on to you...

Alternatively: I would be willing to sell it on eBay for you for a cut of the proceeds. Though I feel like that should be a last step after giving friends a chance to look it over if there's any way to arrange such.

Possible, but my suspicion is that eBay is an inferior way to deal with quirky items like this, especially given that money isn't the point here...

Ebay was my first thought, but I can understand why you wouldn't want to deal with it...

I've never forgotten the celtic knotwork/PC board piece you had hanging the weekend we crashed with you. Fond memories...

Well, *that* one I'm keeping -- it was a personal present made by alexx_kay, who made it for Caitlin's and my wedding. (And got a lot of comments when we were packing the other day...)

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