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Does anybody buy LPs in bulk any more?
And while I'm thinking about it -- I have about two linear yards of vinyl. Some of it is rare or unusual, but most is ordinary consumer-grade stuff that's been handled in ordinary consumer-grade ways. Anybody have any easy suggestions better than landfill? My ideal would be a dealer who would take the whole thing off my hands for a pittance (or even for free) and then triage it, but I don't know if anybody does that any more, or if they're all super-selective...

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Try Cheapo Records in Central Square. I walked in with a couple of milk crates of albums and walked out with a little cash.

They go super quick on Freecycle around here. I'm pretty sure the people who take them, sell the good stuff and then use the lesser stuff for projects. (chip bowls and what not)

My parents do sell LPs. I'm sure that they'd take them off your hands. Want us to take them and make them go away?

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I will check in with them tonight, but I suspect they will happy to take them from any and all who wish. We can talk details about getting them out of your respective houses! I was so happy when they took mine away a while ago.

Can they handle a third load? Mine are ready to go too.

[*Sigh* -- I'm spacy enough that I seem to have tried to reply to this comment by email two days ago, instead of here. LJ finally bounced the reply at me, so I realized the mistake.]

That would be delightful, yes! If you could check with them, we can talk details by email. Thanks!

Some of my best building flea market sells were my old vintage classical music, after advertising on Craigslist. Some vintage record stores will comb flea markets and estate sales for the wares they will sell at a profit later, but it will take those off your hands.

Global Thrift, in Waltham, still sells them. They don't cherry-pcik -- they just put everything they get out, priced at a buck apiece or something like that.

I'm curious as to what you consider rare or unusual -- I still have a player set up, and would be interested in early music or hard-to-find folk.

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