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Singing the praises of the humble dumpster
Those of you who have been to Crossert any time in, oh, the past four years have observed the Large Pile of Crap sitting in our carport. Those who have been there in the past two weeks have observed as this has become an Immense Pile of Crap, which bid fair to become a giant ball, consume the house, and roll through Burlington, growing until it is ready to eat the entire Mall. (Which, granted, would be no tragedy, and the mental image of the national guard being called in to combat a Godzilla-sized ball of household garbage *is* kind of amusing. But anyway...)

Yesterday I finally called the junk company, and they delivered a "15 yard" dumpster; today, Jen came over and helped me move Pile A into Dumpster B. The carport is, wonder of wonders, mostly free of stuff to be thrown out. (And frighteningly, the dumpster is already 2/3 full.) And just to make this Day of Deliverance From Junk more complete, we did two runs to Goodwill, dropping off fully ten large Rubbermaid totes full of donations.

Progress. Still a lot of stuff to do -- tomorrow, I think I'm going to have folks help deal with the Potter Closet. (Which will involve, sadly, probably pouring several gallons of miscellaneous homebrew down the drain. I suspect most of it was quite good when originally made, but I would bet that most homebrew that is more than ten years old has not kept well. I'm still going to taste Jane's mead and check, though.) And this Saturday will be the attic, which should be *ever* so much fun.

But I have one room that is now entirely empty except for trash, and another that probably will be tomorrow, so I'm beginning to feel like the end is in sight...

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(Deleted comment)
Darn. You beat me to it... :) I wonder what constellation it will produce....

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