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Date Grab -- Sunday, June 9th -- come please join the celebration!
As most of you know, Kate and I are getting married in September. That's going to be a fancy, formalish shindig down in Providence, aimed mainly at the families. It should be fun, but has two small issues:

1) It's necessarily small -- the site only holds about 90 people. So we can only invite a few friends.
2) Getting married in RI isn't as easy and flexible as doing so in MA.

Sooo -- we've decided to have a big wedding party for our friends! (Which might, technically, be the legal wedding as well, so I can get onto Kate's insurance.) This one is *not* going to be fancy and formal: instead, we're going for a relaxed, fun and social afternoon. It'll probably involve dancing, gaming, a potluck meal and generally hanging out with folks.

Details are still being worked out, but this is pretty open-invite, and we'd love to have our friends there with us for the day. So pencil it in, and I hope y'all can make it!

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I didn't know that! Congrats!

I have both guest rooms for you Sat-Mon if needed. If it gets close to the date and it doesn't look like there are any takers, I'll release them. I did not reserve for Friday night though, figuring people who'd need them would likely travel on Saturday.

Though now that I think of it I might keep one no matter what as a private space where people with infants/toddlers can retire if needed.

Ah -- *very* sensible point. We have a lot of friends who have spawned recently...

Thanks! The only out-of-towners I am sure are coming are our parents (who will undoubtedly get hotel rooms), but it's good to have the option available. I agree that Friday shouldn't be an issue...

Much though I would love to, we need to be in NJ that day for an unveiling.

I shall consider myself invited.

Excellent! You two certainly are. (Part of why we decided to ask Camelot for space was the realization that something like half the people there would be on the explicit invite list anyway...)

The location (Camelot) is one of those useful pieces of information that a potential guest shouldn't have to deduce from the comment thread... ;-)

It's possible we'll be driving back from... God knows where (summer is Babydoll touring season), but assuming we're back, we're there.

Wherever "there" is ;-)

Fair point, but this was really mostly just a date-grab. Lots more details to come soon...

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