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The indication that I had begun to truly move in was that my television was here.

The indication that I had mostly moved was that my main development computer was here.

The indication that I have truly moved everything important is that my copy of the OED is here.

I'm now in fast-unpack mode. The plan was all about fitting as many bookcases as possible into the basement. (Yes, I kept all the Billys, even though I gave away all the old Scandanavian Design ones.) Now comes the part that wasn't so carefully planned -- figuring out how to get all that stuff onto those bookcases...

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And if for nothing else, this is why we like you...

Which edition of the OED? I'll assume for the moment it's the print rather than the CD version.

Re: And if for nothing else, this is why we like you...

The small-print 2.5-volume version from the 80s. (The four-up version, though, not the almost-impossible-to-use nine-up version.)

It's not as well-known today, but was really common 20 years ago, since the Book of the Month Club spent a while selling it cheap as a promo -- for a while, it was really easy to find it for < $100 at used bookstores. And while it pretty much requires a magnifying glass, it's really nice having the full contents of the set in a convenient format. I pull it out more often than probably any other book: it's indispensable when working with period sources...

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