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The daily news
There's nothing quite like waking up at 6:15, to an automated voice message from the office, saying that the office will be opening late today due to MBTA closures and increased police activity, to tell you that your plans for the day are kind of shot.

(And a PSA for anyone considering a career in broadcasting: when you are describing a major breaking-news situation first thing in the morning, please summarize from the beginning every ten minutes, for the sake of those of us waking up. It took until almost 7am before WBUR finally recapped in enough detail for us to figure out what the bleeding heck had happened...)

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Same thought here, though I had a really helpful twitter feed to fill in the gaps...

Indeed. I got a 7:30 automated call saying my school was in lockdown due to the incident at MIT. Which meant absolutely nothing to me. But I went first to the WBUR website, which had the whole story, then I turned on the livestream...

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