Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Ah, the feeling of road beneath my wheels...

The very last load from Burlington to Somerville last week was to get the last essential item left there: my bicycle. I put it on the rack, drove it straight to Wheelworks, and dropped it off.

Mind, I haven't ridden the thing in *years* -- certainly not since mid-2010 (when my life fell apart), and probably not since sometime before then. So it needed a tuneup and cleaning in the worst way. They told me that they'd need a week; in practice it took slightly longer, but under the circumstances I'm not going to complain. They called me last night to tell me it was ready, and I just rode it home from Porter.

Playing with HubWay last fall had reminded me that I like bicycling (always have -- in high school, when I was in much better shape, I usually did 15-20 miles a day), but I had forgotten that *man* -- it's so much better with a really sweet bike.

It's a Specialized Sequoia, which I bought shortly after we moved to Burlington. The theory had been that I would be biking a lot more now that I was out in the True Suburbs. In practice, while the area near our house is quite nice, we were bounded by roads that were large and fast enough that I never really liked biking on them. Riding to work (about 4.5 miles) made lots of sense hypothetically, but it was Route 62 almost the entire way: fast and curvy, full of over-tired commuters, so I discovered that actually doing that ride felt faintly suicidal.

Of course, biking in the city isn't exactly going to be the countryside where I grew up. (In the suburbs around Princeton, which were truly bucolic back in those days.) But at least it's *obviously* a little dangerous, and the cars aren't going so fast. (I did get a reflective vest for night, though.)

And the bicycle -- really, it's a bit overkill for me: very light, and thoroughly stripped-down, designed more for distance biking than the practical stuff I'm going to be doing. (I probably need to add a water bottle and a kickstand.) But it weighs about half what one of those HubWay bikes does, and responds beautifully. It's kind of like driving my car: I *can* drive pretty much anything, but every time I have to rent I am reminded of how comfortable my Camry feels, just *right* for me.

Combine that with the beautiful day, and I actually found myself reluctant to head home. I may yet finish this, go work for an hour or two, and then just go out on the bike for a while. There's nothing quite like truly stretching my legs to make it feel like spring...

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