Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

*God*, that feels good

Oh, right. I may enjoy the elliptical machine, but bicycling has always, by far, been my favorite form of exercise. How had I forgotten that?

Zipping along the bike path. Leaning into the curves and getting the visceral thrill of pushing through them -- like driving a sports car, but more real and honest. Enjoying a day that would be just a *little* warm for running, but which is fabulous with a self-inflicted breeze in my face. Getting to watch the people -- from the runners (oblivious to everything except their iPods) to the endless variety of dogs being walked, to the families teaching their children how to bicycle, all of them apologizing unnecessarily for the four-year-olds on the wrong side of the path.

My heart working and my breathing heavy, but never difficult. Getting to speed up here and coast there as I feel like it, but still *moving* throughout. Afterwards, definitely sweaty and bone-tired -- but it's an honest and happy sweat, with nothing that really *hurts*.

And really, there's nothing quite like satisfaction of starting in Ball Square, Somerville, saying, "I think I'll get a little exercise" -- and the next stop is an iced tea break in Arlington Center, seemingly no time later. Knowing that, with a little more time, I could fairly casually jaunt out to Lexington and beyond is just *neat*.

I already liked our house, but now I am *seriously* appreciating our location. Being just a few blocks from the effective end of the Minuteman Bike Path (and its extension through Somerville) is *really* lovely...
Tags: biking

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