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So what does a Laurel drink?
No, not the person -- the award itself.

Today is the 21st anniversary of my induction into the Order. Thinking about that kind of makes my head hurt, in a "*man*, I've been playing this game for a long time" kind of way. Other birthdays are rounder, but the concept that my Laurel is now an adult is just kind of weird.

But it does lead to an on-and-off conversation that Kate and I have had in recent months: so what *does* a Laurel drink, now that it's legal? I'm having trouble coming up with a decent-sounding cocktail that involves bay leaves. (Which would, I suppose, be subversively cannibalistic.) Or would it be something painfully period, in a Mistress Laurel Seamchecker kind of way? (Do folks nowadays even remember the Seamchecker plays?)

Suggestions welcomed...

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The bay leaf might not really be involved, like olives or cherries in cocktail.

Sure, I've heard of the Seamchecker plays, but never seen them performed (in Midrealm or EK). Weren't they a West Kingdom thing?

Here ya go: Bay Leaf tea. Presumably one could add a splash of something alcoholic (or substitute hard cider for the apple juice)....

I think having this with hard cider is required.

Happy Birthday to the Laurel.

I must now consider whether I want to add this to my "Open in Case of Peerage" letter.

Or reduce the number of cinnamon sticks and add a kick of Goldschlager or some such. After all, gold leaf is period, right?

Edible gold leaf, even :-)

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huh... i feel like a newbie now i'v eonly been in the SCA for 16 years...

I know. I keep thinking that 19 years is a long time, but then I look at people who remember when it was all new to the area...

It's all relative. Whether I feel ancient or new mostly depends on who I'm talking to at the moment. Mostly, I try not to worry about it excessively...

I could see a Bloody Mary variant with bay leaves as garnish.

I still think that a Laurel would drink something very silly and not at all period that would then be served in a period manner in a vessel where you can't see that it's not a period beverage.

But that's just me.

(Deleted comment)
I felt that way when i realized my driver's license could drive

Yeah, similar concept.

Oh, kinda-sorta on topic -- the other day, somebody on one of the Society-wide lists was looking for bobbin lace Laurels to chat with. If you have any interest, I can dig that out and forward it to you...

semi relevant tidbit

Apparently bay leaves have compunds that inhibit alcohol absorbtion


Re: semi relevant tidbit

A scientific argument for why having (a) Laurel lets you drink more! That's horribly wonderful...

Re: semi relevant tidbit

So there is little harm in toasting the laurels at every occasion.

Not literally; I suspect the heat may affect some of those compounds.


There are rose syrups that use bay leaf as a flavor accent. What about something using them? Maybe with champagne? Possibly vodka? Rum with rose and bay sounds too much like an aftershave.

Ianthé, posting from India, and feeling particularly ancient right now...

You ARE legend, your grace.


One of these days, I should dig out the listing of the Society of Saint Saponaceous, just for giggles. (I wonder how many members of the SSS are still around...)

My Pelican became old enough to drink in March and I didn't notice! Oops.

I think a Laurel has to drink either something really silly (probably with an umbrella in it), or something that's over-the-top authentic. You know, you imported the soil from the right region of France, acquired and cultivated just the right grapevine seeds, built a solarium to regulate the climate to be just so, found just the right type of oak to make the barrels for aging the wine, etc etc. (Mistress Cassadoria refers to the clothing version of this trick as "starting with the sheep seeds".)

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