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Music signal boost
Mentioned this on FB yesterday, but since it's getting down to the wire: Suzie Brown ("Dr. Suzie", to those who know her through unicornpearlz) is fundraising to produce a new album. (On PledgeMusic, which seems to be approximately a music-centric version of Kickstarter.)

She's quite good, and I'm hoping that the project happens. It is *horribly* close: 93% there, but only three days left. So I'd encourage folks to check it out, and if you like her stuff, you may want to support the new album. It's the typical crowd-funding deal, and a $10 pledge gets you a download of the album when it's done...

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Ok, I've chipped in....

This is the second project I've put in for on PledgeMusic. I've backed album projects on Kickstarter too, so it isn't that you can't do it n Kickstarter, but I can sort of see the use of a music-specific site. Although, so far the only functional difference I've seen is that PledgeMusic doesn't seem to tell me what the goal amount is, which bugs me for some reason. I like the transparency of that information on Kickstarter, and I like I knowing if someone has set a realistic goal and a believable goal for the stated project...

The other obvious difference is that PledgeMusic has an embedded music player, so that you can tell right there whether you like the artist's style. (I suspect you could make that work on Kickstarter as well, but it looks like it's a built-in part of PledgeMusic.)

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