Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Please join us for a celebration!

As you may have heard, Kate and I are getting married this summer! The fancy formal wedding (which will be small and family-heavy) isn't until September, but we wanted to have a big party for our friends sooner than that. So...

You are cordially invited to the
Marriage Party
Katherine Thornton (Fenice d'Autun)
Mark Waks (Justin du Coeur)
to be held at Camelot on Sunday June 9th, 2013

This is deliberately semi-open -- we're being rather loose about invitations, so please pass this along to any other friends of ours who might want to be there.

This is not going to be a fancy affair -- the dress code is "best jeans, nice sundresses, good shorts" and like that. Families and SOs are welcome. If the weather cooperates, we hope that much of the party will be outdoors, so feel free to bring family-friendly outdoor games like bocce.

We're starting out with a potluck lunch -- we'll provide some basic entrees, but ask that, if possible, you bring something to eat if you're coming much before 2pm. (If not possible, don't worry about it.)

If you can attend, please RSVP here, so we have some idea of how many people are coming. We'd also love it if you can give us an idea what category of food you're thinking of bringing. (So that we can catch the "75 side dishes and no dessert" problem before it happens.) Thanks!


Noon -- Potluck lunch
~2pm -- Ceremony (light and simple, but there will be some ceremony)
2:30 - 5pm -- Dancing, gaming and hanging out with friends
5pm -- Cleanup (help would be greatly appreciated, so we can leave the place tidy)

How to Get There

The party is happening at Camelot Cohousing, in Berlin, MA (along route 495). It's a 30-45 minutes drive from Boston and the inner suburbs, just off route 62. Here is a link to the location in Google Maps, suitable for generating directions; if you are using a GPS, the address of the complex is technically 69 Village Court, Berlin, MA.

When you get to Camelot, you'll find yourself on Village Lane / Village Court. Please park on the side of that road. Do *not* park in the parking lots -- those are resident spaces, and are mostly reserved.

The party is happening in and around the Camelot Common House, which is at the end of Village Court.

We hope you can join us, for what should be a fun (and hopefully sunny) day!
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