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This seems to be signal boost week...
... although the latest is one that I'm sure will succeed: Studio Foglio is doing a Kickstarter to print Girl Genius Volume 12. I suspect a lot of folks will want to support this one, especially since it opens the window of opportunity to buy the hardcover edition.

For those who might not have read it yet, the comic is highly recommended -- one of my all-time favorites, and coming from me that's saying a lot. GG was influential in the rise of steampunk, and is a lovely blend of melodrama, comedy and Weird Science. (I wrote a big Girl Genius LARP as the headline game for Intercon G: I am a *very* serious fan of this book.)

You can read the entire comic for free online (although you need to start this one from the beginning -- jumping into the middle makes *no* sense whatsoever), but personally I think it reads better in dead-tree form, and the paper copies are how the creators make most of their living. So I commend the Kickstarter campaign to y'all, and I'm looking forward to the results.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh, definitely. I like to re-read GG from the beginning every few years -- I always pick up new details that I missed the first time around.

And one of the joys of writing the GG LARP was getting to speculate out the wazoo. Most of the things I came up with were quickly proven incorrect (some by the time the game actually ran), but I love the fact that *some* of them haven't yet been contradicted. (At least, as of when I last caught up, which was basically last volume. Lots more scope for me to be proven wrong since then.)

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