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Querki and Conversations
For those interested, I just posted an initial set of ideas about how conversations will work inside Querki -- particularly how pervasive they should be in the system, and who should be allowed to comment.

I suspect that it'll be a bit controversial, and I'm specifically interested in opinions either way, so I encourage folks who care about online conversation tech to wander over to the querki_project development journal and chime in...

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(Deleted comment)
Good link -- thanks. I think it's a bit over-simplified: the problem isn't so much the *size* of Facebook's flists as it is the fact that filtering has been treated as an afterthought, instead of front-and-center in the design, where it should have been.

But *quite* relevant to Querki, and to how I'm planning to handle conversations and access control in general. Thanks -- it's comforting to see that I'm not a lone voice in the wilderness here...

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