Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Reminder: Marriage Party this weekend

Howdy, all. A quick reminder that this Sunday, Kate and I will be celebrating our upcoming nuptials, and we hope y'all will join us. We've gotten very few RSVPs, so we're kind of at a loss about how many people are coming (well, we *hope* people are coming), and we'd like a rough headcount so we can get things set up properly. If you think you're likely to attend, please RSVP here -- the form got adjusted so you don't have to commit to a potluck dish in order to RSVP.

A few folks have asked about registry, so I should say explicitly: we aren't looking for gifts here. Now that Kate and I have merged our households, we're kind of swimming in Stuff, and don't need much more. We're looking for the company of our friends (and contributions to the potluck would be welcome), but until I've managed to clear out at least one storage unit, we clearly don't need more things.

ETA: Since folks have asked -- at this point, we appears to be running rather high on side dishes, okay-to-slightly-low on dessert, low on drinks, and quite low on main dishes. So if you don't know what to bring, at the moment I'd encourage main dishes, and maybe a couple more desserts. (Or maybe soda, but drop me an email beforehand so we wind up with the right balance.) I'm not desperately worried -- it's not unusual for a potluck to be primarily composed of sides -- but we are *quite* low on mains and drinks right now.

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