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Food statistics for Sunday
For people's planning purposes, here's the current blend of peoples' responses in the RSVPs for Sunday's party:

Hors d'ouevres / Sides: 8
Main Course: 5 (plus Kate and I will bring something, likely burgers)
Snacks: 3
Beverages: 3
Dessert: 7
Will Decide Later: 12

Mind, there's a lot of squishiness there: for instance, cookies show up as both Snacks and Desserts, and there's no consensus about what constitutes a Main Course vs. a Side. But overall, the balance has been improving in the past few days (thanks to everyone!). I don't think anything is *critically* low, but if anyone is looking to just buy something, please email me and I might ask you to bring a few sodas.

And just to be clear: yes, we want you there regardless of whether you bring anything to the potluck. Knowing our friends, I am *not* worried about us all starving. RSVPs still strongly encouraged if possible, but come if you can one way or t'other.

Everyone please keep fingers crossed: the weather predictions are improving for Sunday, but I'm not going to breathe easy until the rain is well and truly passed...

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it shall be raining btw

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