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I confess, I have paid precisely zero attention to the LiveJournal concept of "Social Capital" -- I didn't actually know what it meant until I looked it up just now.

That was prompted by the brand-spanking-new LJ homepage that was just announced, which shows your "ranking" in the social capital metric on it -- and said that I was #199 in the rankings. Which is, I confess, a tad startling (I post erratically enough that I wouldn't have expected to be in the top 1000), so I went and took a dig at the rest of the list. It seems to be real, although I still have no clear sense of what it *means*. But for giggles, here are the other journals I recognize in a quick skim of the top 500:

#4. seanan_mcguire
#7. james_nicoll
#9. girlgeniuscomic
#27. filkertom
#36. autopope
#62. siderea
#95. ginmar
#223. lyonesse
#224. woodwardiocom
#227. usernamenumber
#282. ceceliatan
#318. rigel
#323. teddywolf
#342. plumtreeblossom

Really, the most disconcerting part is that I've *met* the majority of those folks, and a few are old friends of mine. And while a part of me has a little ego-boo squee of being relatively high up in a very long (400k) list, mostly I suspect it reflects the gradual loss of ground as folks abandon LJ to Facebook. (Plus, I note that a number of the folks that I would expect to be high up don't show in the ratings at all, presumably because they've turned the feature off in the privacy settings -- siderea was the only one I specifically searched for who showed up.) So there's a definite "big fish in small pond" sensation to it...
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