Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

"Promo Action"?

So yesterday's conversation led to me checking out the discussion over in james_nicoll's LJ, which led me to a comment that mentioned "Promo in journals" (which is a bit cryptic), which led me to the description of "Auction promo" (which, sadly, is not).

If I had any respect for the idea of those top-rated journal entries on the homepage before, it's certainly shot now.

Summary: it looks like, over on the Russian side of LJ, you can basically buy your way into higher rankings. It's auction-based, but basically you can buy an entry in the "Popular journals" listing. It seems to only be for Cyrillic users of the service currently, but I won't be terribly surprised to see it roll out to the US user base as well eventually.

On the one hand, yes, they're basically just aping Facebook, which (rather controversially) implemented something like this a while back. And I can't be surprised that they're doing what they can to make money. But it basically implies that the term "popular" means even less than I thought it did...
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